The planet is warming and one reason is our emission of greenhouse gases, especially CO2. For hundreds of thousands of years the carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere was never above 300ppm. After the industrial revolution it has steadily increased and now sits well above 400! This is relevant for structural engineers in more than one way. Constructing and operating buildings cause 40% of the energy-related carbon emissions; production of steel and concrete alone causes 10% of all greenhouse gas emissions! The aim of the documents posted on this page is to estimate the holistic “performance” of structures, in order to guide the search for a sustainable future.

Saving the Planet
Many Concerns, One Objective
Consumption of Materials
Consumption of Labour Hours
Consumption of Energy in Transportation
Consumption of Energy in Steel Manufacturing
Emissions and Consumption of Energy in Cement Manufacturing
Emissions in Electricity Production
Emissions in Fossil Fuels Consumption
Numbers and Costs of Injuries and Deaths