In our research group it is NOT an objective to develop yet another computer program. Different research centres often offer their own programs but we think of our works as contributions to a distributed library of models and methods. Then we can pick & choose the models & methods we need, and compile them into a program when needed to run analyses. We believe the creation of such a library would prevent duplication of work, release resources to develop new models and methods, and allow us to pick and choose the algorithms we need when we need them. The object-oriented programming paradigm is ideal for maintaining libraries of computational models and methods. On the Models and Methods pages of this website we try to contribute to this direction using the C++ programming language together with the cross-platform framework Qt.

When we compile our collection of models and methods we call the result Rts. The predecessor for Rts is the program Rt, developed by Mojtaba Mahsuli and Terje Haukaas during Mojtaba’s PhD studies at UBC. When Dr. Mahsuli compiles the collection of algorithms at Sharif University in Iran he calls the program Rtx. A citation for the original program Rt is: Mahsuli, M., and Haukaas, T. (2013). “Computer program for multimodel reliability and optimization analysis.” Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering, 27(1), pp. 87–98. Rt is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. A model manual for Rt is also available together with the following list of example input files: Explicit_LSF.txt / Script_Modelling.txt + script.txt (rename to “script.js”) / Multiple_Models.txt + Building.txt / Root_Finding_Model.txt / St_Model.txt + Cantilevered_Beam.txt / OpenSees_Frame_Model.txt + Frame.txt (rename to “Frame.tcl” and get opensees.exe from elsewhere).

11 responses to “Software”

  1. eng.zarzour

    plz help!

    dear terje

    can you send me the links to download your software?

  2. eng.zarzour

    dear professor terje Haukass

    Sorry for bothering you

    I downloaded RT program

    could u help me with RT and reliability optimization

    I want to learn 🙁

    please help me

    my email:

  3. Negar Nazari

    Thanks! This is great!

  4. Negar Nazari

    Where is the model manual for Rt? I want to start using it. I installed it on windows.

    Thanks! my email:

  5. reza

    dear professor Terje Haukass
    I downloaded and installed Rt program in windows
    is exist any user manual or documentaries for self studies? i want to start using it.
    please help me if possible.
    tank you

  6. mahmood rahsepar

    I am a Ph.D. student in the earthquake engineering field
    I’m investigating uncertainty and I need the Rt software
    If possible, please send me the download link

  7. Serpa

    I study Civil Engineering in Brazil.
    I am developing a final dissertation to conclude my graduation course, so I downloaded and installed Rt on my computer to study about structural reliability.

    Is there any document about Rt? I need to know how many simulations the software is able to make and a short explenation about how it find the fail probability.

    The software that you developed would be very useful for me if I have a way to explain how it works.

    I will be waiting for your answer.
    Thank you.

    Serpa, Vitória.
    Student of Civil Engineering
    Federal Institute of Santa Catarina

  8. eng.zarzour

    dear professor terje Haukass

    I’m still waiting for your program

    it’s my only way to solve my problem in my PhD research

    could u help us doctor

    Syria, Damascus
    Damascus University
    Student of Civil Engineering

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